We are a publisher / Distributor of Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal music, we are located in San Francisco, California. The label was started in 2000 by Video Game Producer Dean Martinetti as a way to license music in Film, Tv and Video Games.
In 2010 the label was opened up to signing artists in efforts to help them keep their integrity, sound, style and most importantly MUSIC.

Every band has heard the stories or seen it happen first hand, getting signed takes away all of your freedoms.

You get signed, the label usually puts you into a 360 deal or owns your publishing and mastering rights outright moving onward. And why not? they are loaning you money on the signing to get you on the road and help you build up the brand (your band) and in return pay them back all the money PLUS!!!!!!

Think about it….you get so caught up in the majestic of being on “SO AND SO” records that you completely forget that you are in their pocket from now.
You lose the rights to your music, if they don’t like what you are doing they hold royalties, advances and more until you bend their way.

Suddenly….you are not in control of your own career anymore or your art.

They throw you on the road for…EVER sometimes…even when you don’t WANT to be on the road, you have to go. Sorry you signed the deal.


You are Rogue, we are the collective that said “Enough is enough” and took action. This label was started to help artists keep their rights to their music as well as foster them so they can grow and have a long fulfilled career in music and entertainment.
We work as one collective. Helping each other reach the goals we’ve set out. Our artists are multifaceted talented people we hand picked to be a part of this experience.
Not everyone can be on Rogue, they have to have the points we are looking for and be able to offer a service to other artists on the label.

You need art? We have artists on here who are more than willing to help their brothers and sisters with Tee art, Cover art, Posters and more

You need music? We have artists MORE than willing, to donate riffs or time to help others here at Rogue get the job done.

You need to record? We have artists here that are very gifted in the art of production both post and pre and can Record, Mix and Master an album and do it for less than any worthy studio on the planet.


The fat cats in the music biz have gotten away with enough. This is YOUR TIME!! And at Rogue, we are committed to helping the artist forge their own paths on their own terms.
Its time for change in the music industry and everyone knows it but no one wants to make the move. Rogue is and HAS BEEN making the move since 2010 and as we’ve grown from a licensing only house to a full service Publisher / Distributor we’ve made friends along the way that are excited about what we are doing here and want to help out.

Rogue has the same distribution as the big boys, both on digital and physical product. We have the same marketing and PR support and reach over 70 countries around the globe with our music. And the list of 3rd party support is growing. NOW is the time to be an independent artist working alongside a collective of talent that will all help in the one common goal. To make a CAREER in music.



Dean Martinetti – Founder and Video Game industry Vet with over 100 titles under his belt. Dean’s produced many of the games he’s worked on but he’s also brokered the deals, created successful marketing campaigns and helped score soundtracks both as an artist and licencor.

Raymond Herrera of Arkaea / EX-Fear Factory – VP Business Development / Future Products:  He’s been with Rogue since 2012. Because like Dean, he believes its time for the artists to take control of their careers and music. Ray as you probably know is a drumming legend in Heavy Metal music but did you also know he’s scored dozens of videogames? or that he’s been an active licencor with film, tv and games since 2004?

Ashley Lynn Johnson – Ashley is a tour de force when it comes to street teams and social outreach. This lady knows the social networking world as much as the ones who built it and she knows how to use it.

The core team is made up of Dean, Raymond and Ashley but they have people in New York, Los Angeles, and Oakland who provide support for them with all their artists from Street Teams and Graphic Design to Artist Relations and Publicity.

Rogue Records America was made for artists to take back control of their music and the rights that go with it.

Every artist on Rogue runs their band or project on their terms, retaining all creative freedoms and rights to publishing and mastering as well as licensing.

All Rogue artists also keep all copyrights associated with them while they get the same distribution as the major labels.


PUBLISHING: We publish and distribute media for our artists in 80+ services including but not limited to: iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify, Xbox Music, Google Play and many more

LICENSING: We license our music directly with studios and cut out the middleman, Activision, EA, Ubisoft, 20th Century Fox and many other studios are available to us.

DISTRIBUTION – In over 70 countries on countless media suppliers, our distro is just as big as the big boys.