The Official Rogue Records America app. Get music, media, merchandise and more at your fingertips from all your favorite Rogue Artists.

– Every album in the label catalog is available to stream for free

– Videos section with lyric videos, studio performance videos and live videos all available for streaming

– Playthrus section with tutorials on not only how to play the songs by the artists who wrote them but also recording techniques.

– Merchandise section to buy DIRECT.

-Concert Tickets (coming April 1) buy tickets for an upcoming show of any of the touring Rogue Artists.

– Social streams section keeps you up to date on all the happenings in the Rogue universe.

This mobile app is from the ONLY record label that was created by artists for artists. A home to those artists who want to create music for their fans and continue to have the freedom, ownership of rights and ability to freely collaborate on any other project without a traditional labels rules and regulations

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