Akeldama is a progressive metal band founded by Andrew Zink of Tampa, FL.
Akeldama began in 2010 as a studio project between Andrew Zink and a select group of musicians in the Greater Tampa Bay area. The project began to take shape with a few steady members and songwriters. Through the final months of 2010 and into 2011, Zink and his friends would compose a handful of tracks ending with the release of a self-titled, three song demo released on March 28, 2011. The three tracks would soon after solidify Akeldama as a household name within the circles of progressive metal/djent fans and the internet based metal scene as a whole.

With a demo published and a high volume of internet interest through promotional and special interest websites such as and facebook based blog The Djentlemans club, the then standing members of Akeldama would discuss the future of the band and what it would mean for the various projects they were already pursuing. Come the fall of 2011 the band would fall into its final lineup consisting of guitarist Jeremy Knapp, lead guitarist Eric Owen, Vocalist Connor Reibling, bassist Michael Schweitzer, drummer Evan Thibeault and vocalist Andrew Zink.

Through the end of 2011 and into the following year, Akeldama would begin laying the framework for their first full length album while vigorously perusing the next big step. Andrew Zink had cultivated a friendship with Euroblast Festival founder John Sprich who took an interest in the group and made plans to view a practice session while on vacation in Florida. After viewing the group, Sprich would provide Akeldama with a rare opportunity; make it to Cologne Germany in October of that year and be provided the chance to perform at Europe’s largest progressive metal festival. Thereafter the band would spend their time securing all provisions necessary for the trip while continuing to record their coming Album. On May 16th, 2012, Akeldama was officially announced as part of the Euroblast lineup and soon after were offered a position as main support for a five date Germany tour with Sweden’s Scar Symmetry ending in the city of Cologne for the final day of the Euroblast festival.

After returning home to the States, the band would put full effort into completing their full length album and begin making plans for the coming months. After nearly two years of writing and recording, Akeldama released their first full length record titled “Everything Beautiful” on September 6th, 2013. The release was met with overwhelming support from the progressive metal community and was named a “top release of 2013” by both and The release was noted for its crushing grooves, lush and ambient atmosphere as well as its elite cast of guest contributors, distinguished artists Ashe O’hara (Tesseract), Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor) and Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry).

MindEqualsBlown’s founder Drew Maroon describes the release: “Everything Beautiful is an epic of an album, sonically and lyrically, comparable to Between The Buried And Me‘s Parallax narrative. Akeldama’s lyrics are nowhere near as complex or complicated as BTBAM’s – instead they take a much more linear path with their storytelling. While this may be a disappointment for prog fans looking for existential, other-worldly themes, it fits well with the music – sacrificing the abstract in order to tell the story they built an album around.” , With ambitions set high and new material in the works, Akeldama aims to carve their own path into the progressive metal scene with music that is both devastatingly heavy as well as beautiful.


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