Started by Drummer Buster Odeholm and guitarist Kristoffer Nilsson  in 2009. Humanity’s Last Breath released their first EP as a band, Reanimated by Hate in 2010 with additional members bassist Stefan Bengtsson and vocalist Marcus Hultqvist. In 2011 the band recruited Marcus Johansson as their second guitarist and started to write Structures Collapse.

The album was released by the band later that year…shortly thereafter, Rogue Records America picked them up. At this time Buster had already started to work on the next album.

Humanity’s Last Breath was released as a full length album September 24th 2013, the album had to be restocked by the label 6x in order to fulfill its orders and it is to date the fastest selling album in Rogue history.

Shortly after the release, the band members parted ways and Buster continued the project as a solo artist. An EP is slated for 2015.