MEANS END was formed in late 2011 when bassist Rasmus Hemse and drummer Christian Schreil were looking to build a progressive metal band. With acclaimed vocalist Robert Luciani and fusion guitarist Leonard Östlund, the band envisioned a sound inspired by artists like Eric Whitacre, Yellowjackets, Devin Townsend, and Meshuggah.

In a few short months MEANS END released an EP with three songs to showcase the style they would be standing for and began composing a full length album. For the remainder of 2012, the band built endorsement partnerships with Toontrack, Fractal Audio, Lundgren pickups, and Microsoft and focused on music composition. After a year of hard work, MEANS END released their genre-defying debut album The Didact as a self-managed group.

Now they set their aim forward once again and, in collaboration with Rogue Records America, seek to push the boundaries on what it truly means to be progressive.


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