In 2004, Scott Allen, Tommy Murrell, and JD Schmidt came together in Scott’s living room in Denton, TX to record a demo comprised of songs they had all been working on (both independently and together) for the better part of a year.  The demo didn’t take long to finish due to the fact that they had all previously been in a band together called Cantrip and had reliable chemistry established with one another.  With Tommy’s beautifully percussive guitar riffs, Scott’s growling bass lines and JD’s scorching voice, Nociceptor was quickly becoming the culmination of more than ten years of individual musical development.  Shortly after, Scott Freeman took on the role of guitarist along with Tommy, and Robert Edmondson took up residence behind the drums.  Tommy eventually left the band to focus on his family, but they continued on as a quartet, playing their first show at the Hard Rock Café in Dallas on Friday, November 25th, 2005.  By the next year, they had released a 3 song demo, dubbed “Live and Burn.”  At the time, they practiced just across the hall from the owner’s office in the rehearsal studio they rented.  The owner, Jeremy Mercer, spent so much time listening to them that he became intimate with their music, and eventually picked up his guitar and began to play shows with them.  After about a year of playing shows and developing their sound, Nociceptor dove back into recording.  In 2008, The Sum of All Scars was finished, an intense amalgamation of material both old and new.  Following this release, Robert Edmondson decided to pursue another career opportunity in another state and at the same time Jeremy Mercer decided to step down in order to focus more on his family as well.  Michael Eskandari practiced at the same rehearsal studio and heard of the band’s need for a drummer.  After playing a few shows with guest drummers, Michael hung his hat, bringing a new perspective to their sound.  Back to being a four-piece, Nociceptor steamed forward and continued to play shows while trying out guitarists at the same time.  A mutual friend hooked them up with Travis Montgomery, who fit in very naturally, and they began work on what would come to be known as “Among Insects.”  Due to creative differences, Scott Freeman parted ways with the band in 2009.  However, Among Insects went ahead as scheduled and was released on January 1st, 2011. Since then the U.S. foursome have steadily been carving a place for themselves in the progressive metal scene. Now in the midst of writing their fourth release, Nociceptor promises to surpass themselves yet again while staying true to what has developed into a signature style all their own.