SeeS  is without a doubt the empty half of the glass. There’s no question about that.
It’s not that we can’t see happiness in the world, we’re not saying that… But that is not what you are going to find here. It’s an outlet for anything negative or wrong in the world, and it’s a way to make yourself comfortable in it.

There is no light without darkness.
SEES was created by Bryan Malke as a solo project in early 2001. It was mostly for unused tracks and featured guest musicians. In 2007 it became a full band with addition of Mark Juliano on drums and Joel Quinn on guitar. After paying out and cycling through additional band members for a few years, the trio decided to write and record their first full length ‘The End’ (2011).
Soon after, Eric Pytanowski joined the band on lead guitar the band released an EP ‘In & Between’ (2012), and single ‘Invertebrate Psalms’ (2012). After three years of writing and recording we are preparing to release our follow up full length ‘Three Winters’ on November 27th.

We will continue to make music for SEES until the end.