Subversion is a five-piece Melodic Tech Metal band based in London / Kent, UK.

Originating from the mind of Kai Giritli (guitars, clean vocals) in 2008, Subversion is a 5 piece melodic tech metal band from Kent in the UK.

Utilising hard hitting frontmanship from Jay Shields, Kai’s soaring hook filled  clean vocals, guitar riffs that sway from heavy groove to epic melody, and the laser tight percussion of Ben Atkinson; Subversion like to dabble in the arts of odd time signatures spliced with huge thought inducing soundscapes.

Their first full length album release “Lest We Forget” (2010) was critically acclaimed by Metal Hammer, Kerrang, Terrorizer and Rock Sound Magazine.

Singles such as “Treason”, “Butchered”, & “What We Are Entitled” received airtime on XFM, Total Rock and Radio 1 as well as various international stations across the world securing Subversion a slot on 2011’s Euroblast Festival in Germany.

Having played internationally with the likes of Tesseract, Mnemic, Monuments, Xerath, Hacktivist and Chimp Spanner been a part of UK Tech Metal Festival & Euroblast Festival; Subversion have proven they are dedicated to their art and ready to take on the world. This is not the Subversion of yesteryear.


Press Quote

Juddering tech metal blends in with the kind of soaring melodies built for arenas to create a sound that is both wall-shakingly heavy and infectiously melodic. Nailing both ends of the metal spectrum, Subversion do serious damage when they get heavy but manage to still get you reaching for the lighter as they reel it in a bit